Rimmel London

April 16th, 2014

Having a makeup artist Manchester to apply your makeup would be a wonderful thing. But we have to put our own make up on. There are many different types, styles and colors of makeup. There is face makeup that includes: foundations, powders, blushes, concealers, bronzers, highlights and primer. These products come in shades for your skin. With the nails Rimmel makes 60 second nail polish and then a salon pro nail color. These nail polishes come in many different colors that you can choose from. The lip makeup include lipsticks, lip gloss, lip pencils that includes pencils and liquid form, and lipstain. Lastly with the eye makeup this includes eye shadow, mascara, shadow primer, eyebrow pencil, lash serum, gel eye liner, thick or thin liner, and micro liner. Another item is a product of Rimmel is a make up remover. This is a great brand of makeup to use.

Jay walking

April 9th, 2014

My friend Steven had run out of NCR sets. He worked in an office building hugging a free way. Across this freeway there was an office supply store that saw most of the company business. Steven figured he could run and pick up a resupply on his lunch break. This wasn’t one of his wiser days. He decided to skip straight across the freeway by climbing over barriers hurriedly. He wanted to get back before his lunch was over.

He got the attention of an officer driving by. Steven was flagged down and after a few wisecracks which the officer didn’t appreciate my friend got asked his name. Stevens full name is Steven Jay Walker. Needless to say this ended with an embarrassing phone call to his boss when the officer became convinced Steven was being a smartypants.

Magic Device

April 1st, 2014

When my dog started to lose his hearing at the age of ten, I was very sad. He wasn’t responding to me like he used to in the past, I knew that it had to be because of old age. I also noticed that he was a little uneasy when I would rub around his ears.

I took my dog to the vet and I was advised that dogs can wear hearing aids Nantwich. The vet took a mold of my dogs ear canal and then sent it to the lab to be manufactured. By the way, this is not a cheap device but the pet insurance that I carry covered some of the costs.

I will never forget the day the vet called me to bring my dog into the office to install the aid. It was like magic, the dog started wagging his tail immediately and was responding to me like he used to!

Beet Juice Really Works

March 28th, 2014

Last winter was so bad that many of the streets were closed for days. Our small town only has twenty streets or so and the entire place was snowed in. The snow season lasted all the way up to the end of April and our local road crews were not prepared at all. You would think that they would have been considering we have longer winters here. They ran out of rock salt very quickly and decided to try a new product. The stuff had beet juice in it of all things. Who could imagine using beet juice to treat roadways? I had taken off work to many days already and had to take a chance on driving in finally. I couldn’t believe the beet juice that the road crews used had actually worked. The roads were clear as could be after they used the stuff. I guess stranger things have happened.

Getting in Shape for the Upcoming Summer

March 22nd, 2014

This year, I am determined to get fit in time for swimsuit season. Because motivating myself is difficult, I’ve started seeing a personal trainer Bristol at my local gym. He developed a fitness plan for me, and I’ve learned from him how to stretch and use the machines properly. He challenges me to push myself so I get the most out of my workouts.

At his suggestion, I’ve also begun keeping a food log. This has made me more conscious of my caloric intake, and I’ve been making healthier choices. When I ordered Chinese last night, I chose a healthy vegetable dish over my usual fried rice. Seeing my trainer has been hugely beneficial to my life. I can already tell I’m burning fat and toning my muscles, and if I stay on track, I should be ready to show off my new bikini body.

The Pride and The Wetness

February 11th, 2014

I cannot believe this is happening again. This would be the third pair of pants, I’ve thrown out this week. I thought my incontinence had been cured using incontinence products, because I’ve been taking my medication. These thoughts stuck in my mind for days, until I decided to finally take action for my problem. My doctor said, from the accident I’d destroyed my muscles, that holds the bladder in place, so I may have to be on medication my entire life. Refusing to accept this fate, I sought out an alternative opinion. I went to see a physical therapist, well known for helping women repair their “plumbing” after child birth. At first I must admit I was a little weary, but when I arrived there were actually 3 other men sitting in the waiting room. The Physical Therapist taught me a few exercises to do daily. Initially, I could only hold it for seconds before an accident. Now three weeks later, I can actually hold it for an hour!